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7 Untold Secrets of Living Abroad by Karan Agrawal – Book Review

  • Author: Karan Agrawal
  • Paperback: 330 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (10 September 2019)
  • Language: English

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What is it like to live at your dream destination?

Thirty-four people from twelve countries around the world joined the author to share the untold secrets of living abroad. This ultimate guide hopes to help you not only in chasing your dreams but also in living them with dignity. Madhu rises from the ashes to find her wings again. Hari redeems his life in the face of odds, to live with dignity! Compelling stories promise to give direction to your dreams and change your thoughts about living abroad forever!

When dreams are fulfilled, and the alarm goes off, should you keep snoozing it, or should you traverse from one dream to another, a dream within a dream?
Explore these untold secrets and embark on your own journey of a lifetime!

Book Review (1)

Every person in our country dreams to go abroad with high hopes and vision for their futures. Some go for pursuing education, some for the job, some for a vacation. To step into an alien land with no information is enough to give us jitters but what if there’s a guide that tells you how to lay down your roots in new soil, how to go about settling at a place? Wouldn’t that information make your life at the new place easier?

7 Untold Secrets of Living Abroad by Karan Agrawal includes stories and secrets of real people, of 34 NRIs, in each of the twelve countries covered herewith. This book contains well-researched information covering different aspects of living in a foreign land. As an immigrant, this book would be your go-to guide for referring to everything – be it settling down, work culture, education, entertainment, food, culture, festivities, lifestyle, weather, etc. Some of the countries discussed in the book are Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, UK, etc.

Explaining seven secrets behind living a happier life in abroad, the book contains vivid details of each country under consideration. I loved how the author has put painstaking efforts behind jotting down his own experiences along with collating different experiences to produce this book. The personal descriptions establish an authentic connect, an emotional understanding between the reader and the writer. The reality, when coupled with the lucid writing style, adds value to the reading experience of the readers. I absolutely loved to fill myself with a vast amount of information on the history, geography, laws of different countries. It was equally thrilling to discover their work cultures, how receptive a few countries are, their education system, the medical care system, the way they lay emphasis on recreation and entertainment. Most of them offering excellent work-life balance was definitely motivating.

Through the prism of different personal narratives, we are sure to love knowing more and more about each country. You don’t just get immersed in the narration but also get educated. The plus point was that despite being non-fiction, the book clearly indulges the readers because of the communicative writing style. In the end, we also realize that as much as we want to settle abroad, the essence of living in our home country is unparalleled. In the midst of all the personal and professional upheavals, we should not let our identity merge with the chaos. Let it stand out, let us be still who we really are.

My Rating: 5/ 5

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      1. You’re very welcome. I don’t think I will settle down in a foreign country but I would love to temporarily live in all sorts of places! “It’s about the life in your years, not the years in your life”

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