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When Elephants Fly (The Fabled Elephants series Book 1) by Alex Dipego – Book Review

  • Author: Alex Dipego
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 104 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

Something has destroyed the city of Bayonne… This time. And the Hooded Monk Shadow wants to find out if the rumors are true. When the world restarts and a new cycle begins, so does his mission. When Shadow learns a Bishop may be the root of the problem, he comes back the following cycle. Following the Bishop, Shadow learns there are worse things than a corrupt Bishop, a dragon who isn’t receiving its quittance. Protecting Bayonne just proved much harder and when a twelve-year-old orphan gets in the way Shadow has to decide. Is Bayonne worth saving? Or does he let the city die and save the orphan? His decision will start the most famous mercenary guild in history The Flying Elephants.

When Elephants Fly is the first installment of The Fable Elephants series. A real-world fantasy smack dab in the middle of the renaissance. If you like dragons, exciting combat, compelling characters or Fantasy with notes of Sci-Fi then you’ll love Alexander DiPego’s first book in The Fabled Elephants series.

Delve into When Elephants Fly today and join in on the adventure.


Fantasy is a genre that has never been my cup of tea and I pick books belonging to the genre only when I desperately need some change and experiment in my reading habits. And so, I decided to give a shot to this book which turned out to be a fairly good change for me.

When Elephants Fly by Alex Dipego is the first book of The Fabled Elephant Series that has a blend of fantasy, mystery, and some dragon stuff. On the first look, I was truly fascinated by the title and that attracted me towards reading this book. Although the initial few pages puzzled me and I was lost to figure out what’s really happening but then I realized that this is a book that needs your complete attention. It is a book about the city of Bayonne which has been burned to ashes. The hooded monk comes into the picture to investigate and unravel the truth. He concludes that the Bishop is corrupt and that he is guarding some dark secrets. The hooded monk a.k.a the shadow has to live through multiple destructions to get to the core of the matter. In this, he meets a twelve-year-old orphan Elizabeth. How would they together save Bayonne?

The author has come up with a fairly interesting premise and built a narrative that would captivate the readers. The language and writing style is simple and devoid of any complexities of tone or anything. I was intrigued by the introduction of an elephant in the plot. At a few places, the characters send out important messages implicitly and I loved it. The book is a quick read, however, I found a lack of depth in the narrative. I found the story missing out on adequate details to substantiate it. Also, the pace got heavy on the plot as it seems that the story is hopping between the different narratives of Elizabeth and Shadow. Moreover, the book needs a round of editing to get itself rid of typographic errors. Otherwise, the book is good, especially for fantasy lovers. I am looking forward to finding out what the next installment would be all about.


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