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Wake Up Oh! Indian Wake Up Please by Suprio Ghosh – Book Review

  • Author: Suprio Ghosh
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Paperback: 174 pages
  • Publisher: Zorba Books; 1 edition (4 October 2019)
  • Language: English


Book Review (1)

Poetry is a way of trespassing the human exteriors and glide past their souls to reach their core.

Wake Up Oh! Indian Wake Up Please by Suprio Ghosh is a collection of 40 poems that digress from our usual subjects of contemporary poetry of life, love, etc and instead, concentrate on the ground reality of our nation. This book of poetry is an honest and brave attempt by the author to discuss some of the pertinent issues of India such as the aftermath of Kargil War, Pokhran 2, mismanagement of resources culminating into the berserk social order.

In a sharp but encouraging tone, the author talks about how we go around spreading litter, how we undermine the value of education, how we give less credit to our individual efforts, and how we are always quick to put blame on others. He emphatically voices his concerns regarding the prevalence of corruption in our society, in our minds, in our individual lives. He exhorts us to get ourselves rid of the menace of corruption. He urges us to take responsibility for uplifting our country and work persistently toward making it developed. In this direction, he stresses the importance of incorporating education in improving ourselves as well as our nation.

I absolutely loved the author’s take on describing several important issues poetically. He insists on breaking the shackles of the challenges and strive toward making our country better. His description of community hygiene was yet another highlight of the book that makes us mull over our daily actions. The language has been kept quite simple and precise words are chosen to express the right emotion. Also, the illustrations accompanying the poems were truly relatable. In all, a book worth reading.

I would totally recommend this book.


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