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The Weight of a Cherry Blossom – Book Review

  • Author: Shruti Buddhavarapu
  • Paperback: 208 pages
  • Publisher: Rupa Publications India (5 November 2019)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

If you took a map and pinned each city I’ve lived in, I’d exist somewhere in the tautness of the string attaching one point to the other. If a life is lived across many homes—from balmy Chennai to muggy Mumbai, the crackling expansiveness of Delhi to the breath-taking splendor of Vancouver in spring—where do you truly belong? If you are constantly on the move, is home just what customs can clear? And how do you find love, in the middle of it all, when you do not or cannot stay in one city long enough? Funny, poignant and reflective, the weight of a Cherry blossom is a fable of rootlessness and belonging in the modern world. It is equal parts a story of urban loneliness and self-discovery, and of the healing powers of kinship and love. Revisiting the awkwardness of adolescence and the chaos of growing up, it looks The foibles of adulthood irreverent in the eye. Tracing the powerful patterns of family, friendship, storytelling, fear, love, and loss from her childhood to the teetering end of her twenties, Shruti Buddhavarapu takes you through the embarrassing yet affirming adventures of a life lived with one’s heart on one’s sleeve—through illness, despair and joy.

My Review

Strong enough to stay a while, light enough to leave no trace.

That’s how fragile a cherry blossom flower is. As it beautifully dons the cover of this book, the story inside beckons you to come and join in the journey to the unraveling of yourself.

The Weight of a Cherry Blossom is an autobiographical account of the author penning down her experiences of growing as an adult. Shruti, the author, is the protagonist of the book who takes us on a small but contemplative journey toward finding ourselves. As the narrative moves back and forth in the time, Shruti opens up about her early childhood, her dispositions, fears, friendships, familial ties, career, her sense of rootlessness as she travels cities, and of course, her love for reading.

To be able to write a book that mirrors ‘others’ and not just you, that serves the right amount of truth, the right amount of honesty, that swings between our fantasies and reality, that presents the hidden facets of the reader to himself, that lets them come to terms with their own experiences and then initiate a process of reconciliation with their past, Shruti did it with a delightful writing style and flawless candor. Although it was Shruti’s memoir I felt a strong sense of belonging with the book. As she went on to explain her demanding attention from her parents, as she speaks about her illnesses be it physical or emotional, I felt it real. Raw and genuine.

I especially loved her narration on reading books and how does reading becomes a part of who we are, in the due course of time. In addition to the narration and development of the plot, I was engaged by the lyrical writing style which was smooth and fine. Her struggle with identity issues, PCOS, growing up, a career that keeps her on the move constantly, to her learning the lesson of accepting oneself, everything has been brought meticulously. You can’t help but be mesmerized with the narrative playing right in front of you. In all, I loved this one and I honestly feel short of words to express how much I actually reveled in it.

Girls, young women, and everyone, please do read this one. I am sure you won’t be a tad bit disappointed.


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