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The Myth: Prince Chandra and the Demon’s War by Dr. Piyush Kumar – Book Review

  • Author: Dr. Piyush Kumar
  • Paperback: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Lightning Source; 1 edition (2018)
  • Language: English

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Chandra, is the newest recruit in the Elders’ army, a peacekeeping force in Aryavart. As he begins his new journey, a deadly threat looms on the common folk, the Demon, and his menacing Mrityusena. But for the Elders’ army, it is not easy to track down this elusive Demon. As Chandra and his friends, try to track down the evil incarnate, several intriguing secrets tumble out which point to a larger conspiracy.

The stage is set for a war with the Demon. But, in the midst of all the turmoil and mayhem, Chandra’s hidden past confronts him. As a child, his very identity was snatched and he was thrown in a life that was not supposed to be his. And now, he must deal with it and save himself and his friends from the Demon’s rage. How will the knowledge of his past impact his present and future? Can Chandra weather the storm and emerge victorious in the war against the Demon?


The Myth: Prince Chandra and the Demon’s War by Dr. Piyush Kumar is a mythological fantasy fiction revolving around the life of Chandra whose concealed identity is revealed amidst a war. Would he be still able to successfully defeat the demon he is fighting when his mind is heavy with the revelation of the truth?

The contemporary writing, especially in India, is seeing an upsurge of mythological fiction literature. This book was another addition to the league and it turned out to be a really good one. The story begins with King Raghavendra of Suryagarha protecting his son, Chandra, from the demon who abducted him from the cursed palace. He asks his best friend Pradyuman to take him away to a safe place. Years roll by and Chandra grew under the aegis of his Uncle Pradyuman, aunt Suramya with his cousin Parth. He is recruited in the Elders Army and thus begins his journey to reveal the layers if his hidden identity.

In the battle of good against evil, the author has attempted to bring some fascinating and intriguing aspects to the fore. The central plot is aligned well with the accompanying sub-plots to create a mystical effect. The story delves into each character and gives ample space to each of them to be introduced and described and leave their imprint on the story. The simple writing style coupled with the depth of the research into weaving the plot makes up for a good narrative. At places, the author expresses a few important life lessons through the characters which were another good thing.

Comparing it with its contemporaries, the book fares well in terms of the uniqueness of the story and the treatment of the plot. The narration is vivid and you could see the story playing in your head, in real. What overwhelmed me was its length which could have been trimmed to make the book more interesting. There were instances where I really found it difficult to keep up with the dull pace and excessive character count. But honestly, the fantasy element incorporated into mythology worked out pretty well in the end. So, I would definitely recommend this book to children.

I personally feel that mythology fiction is a complicated genre and one needs to be very careful in presenting it. I am happy to say that the author has succeeded to an extent in constructing and executing his idea. Best wishes to him for his future works.


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