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The Conspiracy Unknown: Book 1 – The Vengeance of the fallen – Book Review

  • Author: Abishek Babu
  • Paperback: 402 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (31 July 2019)
  • Language: English

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The story starts with the birth of a prince and the series of events that follow. Fifteen eons ago, the ‘Great War’ was fought between the Anndas and a group of revolutionaries, in which the revolutionaries came out victorious. The Anndas were chased out of the empire and were made to live in the forest like nomads. The revolutionaries named Ragupta Moriya as their king, and thus the Great Moriyan Empire was formed. Great songs and stories were written about Ragupta Moriya and his ten war generals who fought out the evil Annda Empire. After fifteen years, a plot is made to overthrow the Moriyan Empire. And it all falls on the shoulders of Ragupta to win the battle. After nearly 2300 eons, the life of Dr. Sebastian Stein is under peril. A mysterious man in a black suit is in pursuit of capturing Dr. Stein, but Sebastian is saved by his father’s old friend.

When Sebastian starts to learn about the death of his father, he realizes there’s no other way to escape but to run for his life. What exactly happened in Before Clearance Existence (BCE) for it to affect the life of Sebastian Stein in After Clearance Existence (ACE)?

Book Review (1)

The Vengeance of the Fallen is the first in the series ‘The Conspiracy Unknown’ by Abishek Babu. The book consists of two parallel plots set in different times and revolves around a conspiracy which could wreak havoc on the world. The book blends mythology and science to create a delightful mix for the readers. With some powerful research put into weaving the plot, the author has done a good job of coming out with this work of fiction. The narration is good and there were instances when I honestly felt the story.

The book had the potential to be really good and the reviews it garnered made me read it but alas! all my expectations came crashing down. I felt the narrative hopping from one timeline to another or maybe, one situation to another involving a completely different set of characters which made it difficult for me to engage with the book. The character development is fair enough but there are too many involved in the story that again, it was difficult to keep a track of them. The lack of coherence in the storyline was visibly annoying and typographical errors cast a detaching effect from the story, on me. In addition to this, the plot treatment itself lacked a focus and I would suggest the author go for a round of editing.

The rant isn’t over here. What vexed me the most was the description of a woman character which was ‘a pretty woman in the slutty dress.’ This literally shook me the most here. Amidst whatever is already happening in our society, this wasn’t avoidable. Perhaps, this was not the right time for me to pick this book and just maybe, my review of it might appear biased but I don’t see literature representing women with such trashy words good. Not even okay-ish.

The other day I was reading that it’s not society that influences art but the art that affects society. I am not saying that the book provoked me or something but it definitely acted as the last nail in the coffin. Please, stop describing women cheaply, please stop relying on steamy descriptions to get an audience for your book. You can focus more on real emotions and substantial plot treatment but not this – just not this!


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