Earth to Centauri: Black Hole Oblivion: One Ship. One Crew. No Escape – Book Review

  • Author: Kumar L
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Paperback: 296 pages
  • Publisher: Red Knight Books; 1 edition (14 July 2019)
  • Language: English

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Captain Anara and her spaceship Antariksh, the face of the most powerful entity in the entire Universe – a black hole!

She saved the mega-city from the alien killers, but one alien escaped and headed back to his home planet. He sets off a gigantic explosion in space while traveling at the speed of light, putting in motion a chain of events that result in the formation of a naked singularity – a black hole. It will swallow Earth in less than a year, yet Antariksh is helpless, caught in the event horizon of the black hole from where nothing, not even light can escape.

Inexorably drawn towards their doom, the crew desperately try to breakout. Will Anara save her ship or perish in her efforts to safeguard Earth? She must face her deepest fears and insecurities to answer the final question – what is her own life worth against that of eight billion people?

Book Review (1)

The tenacity of faith is all we want to weather any storm. We need belief to survive any odd and emerge victoriously.

Sci-fi is one genre that eludes me, always. It is really difficult for me to wrap my head around science although I have been a science student :p

But this book had a different charm and no wonder, I loved getting my hands on this. I have read the two books preceding this one in Hindi and that too, a long time back so it was a bit uneasy for me to understand things. But as I progressed with reading the book, it got easy and really interesting. And I can certainly vouch for the fact that I do enjoy sci-fi written by Indian authors because perhaps, I can vibe with the story.

Earth to Centauri: Black Hole Oblivion by Kumar L is a book that takes you in and around and through the black hole in the far space. It is a book that has science along with basic tenets of humanity at its core. The combination of science and faith made it a wonderful ride for me. With a gorgeous cover and a unique premise, the book does promise to take you on a thrilling tour of the space.

Contrary to the popular belief, the book has been written in a convincingly simple writing style. A wide range of ideas such as the baby universe, singularity, zero space, etc have been described in the story and explained at the end of the book. The language was fine and the central plot was developed well. It’s crisp and fast-paced and that’s the reason why I could truly enjoy reading it. The characters seemed close to real humans and not belonging to some other world which usually happens in sci-fi books. I had great respect for Captain Anara, the protagonist of this book, who displays commendable grit and grace.

The neat plot and crisp narration worked well for the book. The terminology used in the book like Kifrwyss and Trukiff was also relatable to the content. I would truly recommend this book to the young minds of our country to read it and understand the space. I personally feel that people interested in science would like it very much and the ones not quite interested in the genre would also find a fair share of pleasure.


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