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A Safari in the Equity World by Ritesh Dhoot – Book Review

  • Author: Ritesh Dhoot
  • Paperback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Rupa Publications India (5 November 2019)
  • Language: English

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The bulls and bears are the most prominent inhabitants of the stock market jungle, but there are others too. When it comes to the stock market, investors may not immediately identify the other animals, birds, and fishes who inhabit this world—fox, Hawks, pigs, ostriches, chicken, wolves, sheep, dogs, stags, sharks, geese, frogs, cats, canaries and a few others. The hunting strategies and behavioral nuances of these creatures define the specific characteristics of the type of traders or investors or market scenarios. In this well-researched and analytical book, Abu Dhabi-based stock market expert Ritesh Dhoot reveals many more unexplored and exciting evolutionary traits of animals that are amply evident in the world of stocks lion’s opportunity, Dolphin mud-nets, frozen flamingos, city monkeys, Hachi dog and much more. The book discusses how these traits are not only applicable to the equity world but also have wider linkages to individuals, business and even society. Read this book to become an expert investor.

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Investing is an intimidating territory unchartered by most of us. We are screwed and even more, baffled, to hear the terms equity, finance, stocks, shares, and investments. We are scared, all the more anxious while making any investment because we are still living with half knowledge which, you know, could be very harmful. And here’s a book to get you out of your dilemma and step into the jungle!

A Safari in the Equity World by Ritesh Dhoot is a surprisingly engaging read that resolves our doubts pertaining to investment in a light-hearted manner. The stock market is a vast land full of animals and to make a way through it, we need to befriend them. This book has bee designed and conceptualized in a unique manner wherein the author has likened the investors to the animals and explained their characteristics. Till now, I was only ware of bear and the bull but now, I am knowledgeable about the flamingoes, herons, etc. It was truly fun to read this book.

The book is written by someone who has, over the years, mastered the art of investing with his experience. We know that most investments are purely dependent on the unforeseen circumstances of the future which could not be determined at all. Thus, a combination of skill, practice, and patience works best. I enjoyed reading the text which has been developed well as it presents not just the concepts but comes with accompanying case studies of different giants. This made it easier for a layman like me to get the hang of the text. For sure, the book demands patience and time to get into your head but once you delve inside, I am sure that you wouldn’t be disappointed. The informative narrative coupled with interesting narration makes up for a good reading experience. I am definitely going to re-read the book in the future.

If you are looking for a simple and fun book that also helps you in learning investing, this one might prove to be a good pick!


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