A Letter to November

Dear November,

It’s about time that you’d bid adieu and pass by to let December take your place, exactly the way you did to October. You know every year I anticipate your arrival with enthusiasm surging through my veins, with energy perpetuating in my nerves, carrying lava within ready to explode anytime, with sheer happiness in the guise of indifference. Right from the onset, you excite me and every year, the level of my excitement just goes on increasing without inviting any attention from the people outside.

A frozen memory, a dead wound, a damaged heart, a perpetual sadness, and you take all of these in your stride and guide me towards the warmth of coldness. How contradictory it sounds! People say that as we go deep, it’s cold out there while you, November, has the power to assure me of the comfort of the depth. And I can never deny that I feel at home when it’s November, I feel at peace when it’s cold with mild sunshine, I feel relieved of all the noise in my head as I wrap my head around chill of the weather, of terrible experiences I might have had round the year. I feel I am at my best, away from the hustle, in my beautiful and envious solitude.

I look forward to your presence, every year, and you come in all your glory never failing me in my expectations. I feel you, I revel in you, I celebrate you like there will be no tomorrow for us. Before December would work its wonders, you mark the end of things for me. I can’t help but admire your humility as you rid me of the heaviness hung in my heart and still, give me your most generous and genuine smile. Such an amazing friend who silently listens to me ranting and by the end gives me the best piece of advice – let it all go…

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