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iKṛṣhṇa by Anand Kadakol – Book Review

  • Author: Anand Kadakol
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 520 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press (5 August 2019)


Indian mythology is vast, extends far and wide, beyond any limit because stories pass on through the ages and a different version of it appears in the words of different storytellers.

Lord Krishna is one of the most loved and revered characters of our mythology. He is strong, intelligent, and willful. He was charismatic to his female admirers and a powerful opponent for his male contemporaries. Mahabharata is the epic we have heard quite many times and this time, Krishna is the narrator as he narrates the sequence of events in his voice. I have read 2 books with a similar premise in the month of November so, a comparative study is inevitable. Surprisingly, all three books were narrated by Krishna himself displaying his humanity rather than emphasizing his divinity.

iKṛṣhṇa by Anand Kadakol is an in-depth and elaborative study of Lord Krishna in his own words. In this book, the author has attempted to go in the depth of the tales we have been hearing to date. I was stumped at the onset itself because the beginning was truly vivid. In fact, the author has woven this book in great detail that every bit of it comes alive. I knew a few stories beforehand but the author’s intensive research put in the book brought me a different set of stories. There were a good number of characters which appear overwhelming but because their roles and contribution were clearly defined and executed, reading got easier.

The thing which sets this book apart from the other two books is its narration. The book has been written in an easy language but a great deal of text has been used to carve out the details. I absolutely liked the fact that the author has used words and more words to bring life to the story. The plot flows, devoid of any compactness and crispness, it flows in its full glory. And that’s my only point of contention with this book. It’s a big book. And I honestly felt that it could and should have been cut down by a few pages. Because you know, too much of anything can spoil the taste.

To all the lovers of Indian mythology, this could be a fascinating read worth you time for its expansive approach towards mythology and the narration that solely belongs to Krishna!



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