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How to be a likeable bigot by Naomi Datta – Book Review

  • Author: Naomi Datta
  • Paperback: 216 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Ebury Press (13 December 2019)
  • Language: English

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Seven days of 2020 have already passed and I finished my first read on the eighth day! (Woah! I am proud of myself for being so lazy and dull right at the start of the year whereas my contemporaries are full-on enthusiastic.) Although the book wasn’t a thick pile of pages, I am glad to say that the year did start with an interesting and refreshing book.

How to Be a Likeable Bigot by Naomi Datta has the characteristic tongue in cheek language and oodles of sharp wit sarcasm dripping on each page which would immensely entertain you. I started reading it with zero expectations and I am super pumped up to take over the world after savoring it. The book, a collection of satirical essays, talks primarily about how to remain a bigot who is liked by his fellow beings. The author has presented several tips and tricks (read hacks) to get away with people around you. I was thoroughly surprised to read it as it definitely gave me a different perspective. I don’t remember reading a book on a similar premise of being ordinary and acceptable, at the same time.

Divided into 15 chapters, the book is a guide for you to traverse the difficult terrains of living in contemporary society and present you with a mirror to see some things that you might not like to see. I liked how the author quoted examples to substantiate her points. Also, I would commend the eloquence of the author as she goes on to explain things with the correct usage of words. Picking up situations from corporate houses to the WhatsApp groups, the variety of scenes discussed adds to the enriching reading experience of a reader. This book celebrates conformity and tells you how to be perfectly regular and blend in. The amusing writing of the author has a charm that keeps readers giggling, laughing, and sometimes, introspecting. A neat narrative with useful information combined with humorous narration made it a wonderful read for me. Totally recommended.

Not to forget, this marks my first book of #nonfiction2020 challenge that I gave to me. I love setting challenges for myself and under this one, I am gonna read at least 20 non-fiction books. So, do wish me luck!


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2 thoughts on “How to be a likeable bigot by Naomi Datta – Book Review

  1. Hello.
    A very ‘likable’ review you have written I must say. ;p
    I have also done review for the same book, please do have a look at it if you’d like.

    PS: You do really apt and lovely reviews. Keep reading! 🙂

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