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Me, My Mother and her Cancer by Shekhar Narang – Book Review

  • Author: Shekhar Narang
  • Paperback: 164 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (31 July 2019)
  • Language: English


We never realize the importance of anything until we stand at the brink of losing it. This is so true of we humans, who never value things when they are close. We always tend to realize their importance when the fear of separation engulfs us.

Cancer is known to be one of the cruelest diseases. It takes the life out of the victim and asks for a commendable amount of strength to fight it. Me, My Mother and her Cancer by Shekhar Narang is a heart-wrenching as well as an inspiring story of the author’s mother who battles against her breast cancer and emerges victoriously.  I have already read stories of patients of different diseases but this was the first time, I read someone’s real story. I felt close to Mrs. Narang and her story. I felt touched and was moved by the account of her resilience and affection.

The book is an amazing attempt by the author to chronicle her mother’s struggle with her cancer. Right from the chance discovery of the symptoms to each step involved in getting numerous check-ups to chemotherapy and everything, the author explained it well. Throughout the story, he keeps mentioning the tough times and how he was always guilty of being jobless as he could not pay her mother’s bills. The book is filled with several pieces of advice which might be of help to people grappling with such an unfortunate condition. Moreover, the author has covered the financials of the treatment that helps us in identifying the overall cost that goes into this. In all, the book comes out as a book that informs you, educates you, and also inspires you. I truly applaud the author’s effort in coming up with this book and I wholeheartedly appreciate the grit and strength of Mrs. Narang.

Although the content was good, the writing wasn’t impressive. There were mistakes that didn’t give me a good vibe about reading the book. So, I would suggest the author do a thorough editing of the book so as to make it more appealing and worth reading.


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