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Legitimacy of Power: The Permanence of Five in the Security Council by Dilip Sinha – Book Review

  • Author: Dilip Sinha
  • Paperback: 332 pages
  • Publisher: VIJ Books (India) Pty Ltd (30 November 2018)
  • Language: English


The Legitimacy of Power is a brilliant account of how the Security Council, the all-powerful UN body for maintaining world peace came into being and how the five permanent powers continue to leverage it to their own benefit. It’s a book that talks about the important facts without beating around the bush and only if you give it the attention it demands and rightfully deserves, you get the best value out of it.

It starts with the author explaining the formation of the Security Council, its importance, the five major powers ruling it and how they still continue to derive their benefits out of it. The League of Nations was established in the aftermath of the First World War but it soon lost its ground. After the Second World War, the United Nations was formed where the UK, USA, Japan, China, and Russia commanded the maximum power and representation. The book focuses on the chain of events related to the Security Council and the facts have been addressed properly by the author. The book throws light on matters of International relations and once you get the hang of the text, reading it would be a cherishable experience.

Although I found it a bit overwhelming as I am still new o the academic texts but I can certainly vouch for a comprehensible narration that keeps you interested in the book. I believe that the writing style of an author plays a great role and in the case of this book, I am totally impressed with the way the author presented the information. The coherence and simplicity of the narrative make it a wonderful book for those willing to understand the UN. The best part is the inclusion of the endnotes which would be helpful if you wish to further study the subjects mentioned in the book.

It could prove to be a fantastic read for research scholars and political science students. For the newbies, kindly refrain from reading it unless you can dedicatedly consume some serious non-fiction stuff.


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