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Hope You Don’t Get Famous: Poetry and Prose by Vernajh E. Pinder

  • Author: Vernajh E. Pinder
  • Paperback: 150 pages
  • Publisher: Independently Published (27 September 2019)
  • Language: English

My Review

A broken heart deprived of love could be anguished, could be shattered, could be numbed with utter plain grief. The pain that never leaves because love always takes a part of you with it, when it’s gone. Sometimes, it takes the whole of you.

Hope You Don’t Get Famous by Vernajh Pinder is a collection of poetry and prose expressing the emotions of a dejected lover. The words echo the pain of the heartbreak, the turmoil of a broken soul, and guides the lover to come to terms with his state.

I liked the honest portrayal of the utmost grief of a heartbreak. I was immersed in the pool of grief that the author creates to showcase the feelings of a sad lover. The words rang true, they hit home. The writing style adopted was simple and expressive. The four sections in the book are the steps to introduce you to the ecstasy of love and then confront you with how a bad experience could affect you gravely. Towards the end, you do realize how to accept what happens and be optimistic. What I didn’t like was the author’s way of referencing his partner as a monster or something similar just because he was heartbroken. I understand that the feelings could be extreme and that betrayal can provoke your insanity but this description really didn’t go well with me.

In a nutshell, if you wish to dive in some real, candid poetry, you might just give it a shot. And did I mention that I absolutely loved the aesthetics of the cover? It’s oh so good!


Buy your copy: Hope You Don’t Get Famous: Poetry and Prose

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