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Kailash Dwara by Vishesh – Book Review

  • Author: Vishesh
  • Paperback: 174 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (19 November 2019)
  • Language: English

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Five thousand years ago, Krishna turned the Danavas away from Bhuloka, closing the doorway of Kailash forever. Burying its secrets in the ruins of Dwarka. Archaeologist Dr. Vishwanath, amidst his research, stumbles upon the ancient mystery of Kailash, prompting Tarak to kidnap him and burn down an army camp.

Decades later, Vivaant and Sukheshni’s excursion to Mount Kailash takes an unprecedented turn after they find out the truth about their fathers. Can Vivaant and Sukheshni keep the secret out of Tarak’s hands or will evil prevail? Will Vivaant learn the ways of Mahavishnu on his quest to save his father? Will Danavas find their way back to Bhuloka after five thousand years?

Book Review (1)

Thrillers are one of my favorite genres and although mythology was something that overwhelmed me last year, I picked up yet another mythology thriller. I wouldn’t say that I ventured into reading it with high expectations but it didn’t come off really well for me. Why so? Read on! But should that stop you from picking it? A big no!

Kailash Dwara by author Vishesh is a gripping account of enigma surrounding the Kailash, the doors of which were closed for Danavas around five thousand years ago. Taking two timelines running parallel to each other in consideration, the author tries to bridge the gap of eons and bring to us a mysterious and thrilling story. The tale of Kailash Dwara has friendship, family values, betrayal at its core. Along with it, it plays on the facts, fantasy, and philosophy to intrigue the readers.

The narrative has been structured in a way that resembles a mountain. The beginning was a bit vague and slow. Gradually, the characters were introduced and the momentum starts building up. The story picks up the pace and there, I know, I am hooked to it. There are fantastical concepts that surprised me immensely. I absolutely loved the interspersing of philosophical subjects with the story. The writing and narration were fairly good. Also, not to forget, the correlation of Kailash with pyramids containing energy and their significance was really good. The efforts of the author in doing enough research for constructing the storyline are praiseworthy.

What didn’t work with me was the climax. I suppose that reading about Bhulok and the mysterious boxes did make me expect something and I was disappointed with the ending. I just found it very hurried and flimsy. Some old cliche melodramatic scenes of the separation of a father and his son, and the son was too stupid to shed thought to the apparent truth. Honestly, I didn’t like a few characters at all. The role of Guruji and his real face turned out to be predictable. The treatment of the plat went berserk towards the end of the book. Thus, the book turned out to be an average read for me. Had the characters been put meticulously with due consideration given to how the climax should be framed in the narrative, I might have really liked it. Nevertheless, go for it if you are a newbie to reading.


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