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Caught Flights and Feelings by R Neha – Book Review

  • Author: R Neha
  • Paperback: 276 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (29 November 2019)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

“This isn’t a Disney movie, Prince Charming! Your Cinderella is getting married in a few months!” Devika remarked.
Oh, what does she know about love?
Meet Karan, a super talented dancer and the founder of a distinguished dance group, the Black Illusion. The good-looking young man from Bangalore leaps around successfully with stardom and glory with four of his friends. They have money, fame and the name. What else does a man need? He was flawless; he knew he had everything. That is until he left Naina Raj burnt and bruised…
Love drives him away from the delusion and offers him a world full of passion, pain, and pleasure. He wants her; he needs her! But is it too late? She waves goodbye! She is engaged. She is almost gone. And the worst is about to happen! She’s inching closer to her D-day with her fiancé in her arms.

Has Karan lost Naina forever?

My Review

Caught Flights and Feelings is a story of two people – Karan and Naina – who fight against the circumstances of life to unite with one another. Theirs is a love story that is fraught with challenges but it is good to see love triumphing over those challenges. I really liked the title of the book that goes in sync with the narrative but I couldn’t figure out the relevance of the cover. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the well-paced narration and the smooth transition of the events. I would really commend the author for her writing style which is crisp and hooking. I also loved how she molded and developed her characters. Although none of them were likable, I still ended up admiring the equation Karan shares with his friends who stick with him at all times.

But there’s more! And the rant begins…

However hard I tried liking the book, only disappointment caught me. No feelings, no involvement with the story. The string of events constituting the book was nothing less than a sequence of some cliche Bollywood romantic movie and by the end, I gave up on the book completely. It all started with Naina’s move to spend a night with Karan (fine, things happen in the heat of the moment) but dude, seriously, how could you be this desperate although it was your childhood love. All the steamy lovemaking sessions made enough score in the book and yes, overshadowed what I could even term as a story. The next day, Karan leaves Naina dejected because our hero had commitment issues. He had no time to spare and prioritise a relationship over his career. But, with the passage of time, he actually fell in love with the ‘doll Naina.’ Duh? Distance makes the heart grow fonder and sometimes, dumber. The way Karan addresses Naina repeatedly was irritating. Through another series of pleading and apologies, Naina and Karan come together and their journey to save their love begins.

Honestly, I went into reading the book with zero expectations but the narrative catapulted my disappointment to a whole new level. We have had enough sweet mushy romance novels and movies. Not anymore! There was a story that failed to attract my attention despite good writing.

Nevertheless, I would really love to see the author writing more meaningful stories in the future.

MY RATING: 2/ 5 

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