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U n Me . . . it’s Complicated by Dr. Aditya R. Nighhot – Book Review

  • Author: Dr. Aditya R. Nighhot
  • Paperback: 280 pages
  • Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing (21 October 2019)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

Love is not complicated, people are! Pyaar, Mohabbat, Ishq, Junoon—love has its own Synonyms. The four-letter word, easy to spell and easier to say, is far more complicated when the brain and heart play their parts in a relationship. Aditya, a nerd, falls head over heels in love with Rutuja, who happens to be the eye candy of the college. Rutuja loves books and wants Aditya to pen down a story. Will Aditya, a non-reader, manage to write a novel? Just when their relationship goes on a roller-coaster ride for the worse, Aditya decides to attempt suicide. Can a relationship make you weak? Can true love make you a rebellious, self-destructive, and violent person? Or will it make way for a better future? From the bestselling author of Until Love Sets Us Apart comes to another heart-wrenching tale of not just true love and friendship but also about hope and destiny, and the journey of a non-reader as he becomes a Bestselling author.


U n Me . . . it’s Complicated by Dr. Aditya R. Nighhot is a contemporary romance novel that focuses on the realistic ending rather than dreamy ‘happily ever afters.’ It is a story of Aaditya and Rutuja, two teens in love, who face odds and turbulences in their relationship, manage to sail through them, and get their fair share of takeaways from the same.

While I started the book, I expected it to be something on the extreme side of the spectrum. Thankfully it was not. It might seem like a sad story but it turns out to be rather candid and honest. Aaditya fell in love with Rutuja in his school days and they have the time of their life thereafter. It appears that Aaditya is more invested in Rutuja than Rutuja is involved with Aadi. With the passage of time, they come off the immature phase of love, they fight, they end up being together but another set of events make both of them fall out of love. Uhh, complicated indeed!

I found the storyline pretty simple and the writing okayish. The narration was taut and the themes of love, loss, betrayal, ambition, friendship have been blended well. The inclusion of a few Shayaris and poetry here and there was good but failed to cast an impact. The main protagonists were Aadi and Rutuja and I found Aadi better as he portrays the fragile sentiments of a teenage heart. He is a bright kid and eventually fulfills his dream of getting into a good medical college. At the same time, I absolutely disliked Rutuja’s character. It has been sketched poorly. The character lacks sense, rationality, logic. I just couldn’t understand the reason why she did what she did. Felt like someone far-flung from reality! Not many characters found a sound space in the narrative as it was only Aadi and Rutuja loving, shouting, ranting, and all. Basically, the story might entertain those who look for easy peasy romance reads but it has nothing great or stimulating to offer you.

If only the story had something unique and the characters were molded well, I would have enjoyed the book but for this one, you may easily pass it.


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