Travel & Books – My treasure trove of stories!

My treasure trove of stories!

I am a human who craves freedom, from her life, from the monotony, from the web of lies, from the puzzle of pretense, from the burden of compliance, from the cage this everyday life appears to be, from a set pattern of living. I look at reading and traveling as the gateway to my freedom. When I drown myself in the abyss of the stories, when I push myself into an oblivion, when I seek the solace of imaginary, it is then when I set my heart free. When I gaze intently outside a window of a bus or the train, I feel liberated. It seems like I am opening my heart to whatever is flowing around me. I feel as if my being would dissolve in the fluidity of the time and in the end, I would discover a new me! I look outside but I look within. I contemplate at the exterior to introspect further and deeper. I am enraptured by the stories I see and read and listen as they bring me a whole new world. The stories that touch me, smooth my shrunken parts, heal the wounds, caress my hurt, and lay me asleep.

Stories make me free. They have this ability to affect in the deepest possible manner. They know how to wound around me, they know how to unwind me. Isn’t it beautiful to experience love every moment when you do what you love? I feel at home as I go on to see the world outside and inside those yellow pages. My tired nerves and my sunken heart come alive with the freedom I gift myself – travel and books!

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13 thoughts on “Travel & Books – My treasure trove of stories!

  1. Travel and books are the perfect combination – even when you’re not reading, you’re still observing (and sometimes participating in) other people’s stories from all walks of life.

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  2. Nice, encouraging post Heather. It is very difficult to give up something you love for such a long period. It’s yoga classes for me. Thank heavens we have the internet. Good suggestion to use your travel medicine boxes. It is going to be hard keeping track of the days as they pass.Pegasus uçak bileti


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