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A Salesperson’s Honeymoon by Avinash Kunchurkar – Book Review

A Salesperson’s Honeymoon: Work Remarkably Less, Fire Your Customers & Double Your Sales

  • Author: Avinash Kunchurkar
  • Genre: Business, Strategy & Management
  • Paperback: 182 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (12 September 2019)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

Q1: Have you found a way to work less and still produce magnificent results?

Q2: Are you able to balance both your work-life and your personal life?

Q3: Do you believe that firing customers can help you grow your sales?

This book will help you answer “YES” to all of the questions above. SalesMoonCurve will change how you approach your sales and your business forever!

Book Review (1)

Are you tired of your professional life? Does your work exhaust you? Does it leave a little room for your personal life? There’s only one solution – gain more with less work. But, how do we accomplish this feat? Well, you ought to know about a concept, diligently apply it, and the mindblowing results will follow.

A Salesperson’s Honeymoon by Avinash Kunchurkar is a short read describing the concept of salesmoon curve and how can it help to ease our lives. The book, filled with clear concepts and examples, will help you to maximize your results with minimum efforts. That doesn’t mean that it is a kind of some lottery guide, rather it would help you to identify where you must lay your focus.

The book has a story of two colleagues who represent contrasting personalities. Joe is conflicted between his personal and professional life while Chris is one of the highly recognized and valuable employees of the company. Joe wonders whether what makes Chris a pre-eminent salesperson? This brings him to indulge in a conversation with Chris who helps him in developing a ‘sniper’ focus and understanding how to step up the ladder of professional success.

The book discusses the importance of applying salesmoon curve in the way we approach our work. It elaborates on the real-life examples and makes us realize the value of striking the right balance. I absolutely loved this novel concept which can be extended to all the spheres of our lives. You’ll find illustrations depicting the concept which would make it easier for you to grasp it. That’s an important point – the author has approached the narration of the book in a great manner. Although the book deals with information and conceptual knowledge, it doesn’t appear to be boring because of the way the narrative has been presented. The writing is simple but engaging and overall, the book does contribute its bit in educating you in an intriguing way.

I would highly recommend it to everyone who desires to get the most out of their professional lives and alongside, live a fulfilling life.


Buy your copy: A Salesperson’s Honeymoon: Work Remarkably Less, Fire Your Customers & Double Your Sales

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