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Depression| Inside a Dark Box| Review & Discussion

Depression| Inside a Dark Box

Depression is not an important topic to discuss, talking about depression is futile because depression is just another thing, because you can easily get over it, because either people are healthy or ‘mad’ and there’s no in-between.

Mental health is slowly coming toward the center stage but it still has a long way to go in grabbing the maximum eyeballs, attract whole attention, and make people talk about it. We would mostly find celebrities talking about their depression and in this way, they are trying to spearhead a campaign for fighting depression but do we, the common man, take this ‘taboo’ subject easy? Do we find it okay to speak about how we are dealing with ourselves inside of our heads? Does this thought cross our minds that we must voice our thoughts about how dark it is getting inside? We would behave erratically but still wouldn’t be able to gather strength to just talk. That’s how difficult going gets – we cannot bring ourselves to communicate.

Should we give up? NO. Then how to get through the darkness? Keep moving. Seek help outside. Talk. Talk. Talk. Trust my word, getting it out of your system is important and this definitely helps in healing. You need to be strong, be open. There’s a dark box and however hard it gets to find light, do not stop looking for it. It’s there, right around the bend 🙂

Inside a Dark Box‘ is a simple book that deftly speaks about the depression through illustrations. The book does broach the subject with patience and clarity which helps a reader in realizing the enormity of depression and learn that quitting is just not the solution. Try, try, and try again, until you succeed.

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