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With love by TTT – Book Review

  • Author: Various
  • Paperback: 200 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin (17 February 2020)
  • Language: English

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The hand-written letters as a means of communication have buried in the ruins of time. We no more see people anxiously anticipating the arrival of postmen. It seems as if the letters have gone for a long vacation and their coming back can not be foreseen.

With Love, a beautiful book covered in purple cover, is a collection of letters centered on death, love, relationships, emotions, and several other themes. The letters are written with grace and sometimes, with bluntness. What remains intact through all is the reality we all experience or fail to take notice of in our quotidian lives. A few lovers were truly heart-touching as a woman talks to her would-be husband or someone writes to one’s ex-best friend or writing a letter to a city you left but which didn’t leave you. And yet there were those that address very important topics such as depression, introvert behavior, abuse. In totality, the letters bring out the raw emotions of the new generation – confused, attached, and lost.

I wouldn’t say that I loved the book because I am tired of coming across repetitive stuff. The same kind of language which speaks of darkness, darkness, and darkness. I see a lot of it on social media. I feel as if the Millenials and Gen Z is so depressed and handicapped that it cannot just find out a way. Why use such repetitive words which sound hollow to my heart?

Nevertheless, the book will appeal to anybody who loves poetic writing and finds a home in contemporary literature. I did enjoy reading it, I wish I could love it too.


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