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Irrationally Passionate by Jason Kothari – Book Review

  • Author: Jason Kothari
  • Genre: Biographies, True Accounts, Memoirs
  • Hardcover:¬†268 pages
  • Publisher:¬†HarperBusiness (11 March 2020)
  • Language:¬†English

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I am a person purely driven by passion. I always look for things to know and learn. As I say, “I have no problem in continuously involving in the process of education, I just want to indulge in learning something that interests me.” So when I got the opportunity to review this book, there was no way that I was saying a no to this. And I am absolutely happy to experience it.

Irrationally Passionate by Jason Kothari is a fine account of a nobody becoming one of the top-paying executives of India, of becoming an outstanding businessman. In this book, Jason shares how he kickstarted his entrepreneurial journey from a very young age and went on to become a much sought after strategist. He has been involved in turning around the businesses which were sinking, he has been involved in the continuous process of educating and learning, he kept going ahead because he was passionate about something. He draws upon his early experiences of growing up in a land that didn’t feel like home, his bitter experiences, and recollects how he got into his first entrepreneurial stint. He gradually moves towards sharing his set of failures and successes as he joined different companies which shed light on the reality of doing business. With this piece of narrative non-fiction, Jason talks us out of our fairytale assumptions and brings to light how tough it is to be an entrepreneur and that how being one makes you a better version of yourself.

The writing is simple and comprehensible. Because the author reflects on his personal experiences and relates every key learning to them, one wouldn’t feel disassociated from the book. The narration is really good and smooth. The coherence of the narrative is excellent. Although at some points the language might puzzle you, it would still be a sailable ride. I cannot put it into a single genre for a reason that it purely falls into none. We would see talks of business and would also have a glimpse of the author’s personal life. Here’s the point I recall from the book that you cannot compartmentalize your personal and professional lives. They are one and the same.

Jason’s rebellious spirit inspires us to push our limits. It teaches us to not give up on our aspirations. The road would be rocky but you, through persistence, can tread it easily. Just don’t give in to the odds stacked against you, don’t submit to the adversities, don’t let your spirits die down; if you believe in something, do everything in your capacity to succeed, fight until you succeed.

I would want to share a few of my favorite lines from this book –

  1. No entrepreneur’s path is ever a straight line. Setbacks are constant, disappointments guaranteed. Moreover, no one is born an entrepreneur; they are forged in the rough and tumble crucible of life.
  2. Captain a rowboat before a ship, a ship before a fleet.
  3. Money isn’t a goal, it is a by-product. Money flows to value. When you create the latter, you get the former.
  4. Equity is about creating an ecosystem of interconnected, cross-pollinated value propositions that, together, could generate serious, sustainable value.
  5. Seven golden pillars for an ideal start-up: large and growing market size, high margin, scalable, proven management team, less capital intensive, sustainable competitive advantage, and established business model.

If you are looking for an engaging business read, you might pick this one up.


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