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The Apple by Devashish Sardana – Book Review

  • Author: Devashish Sardana
  • Paperback: 262 pages
  • Publisher: Independently Published (22 October 2019)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

For 6000 years, they’ve protected Eden’s mysteries. Now someone is about to commit history’s most daring theft…

Queen Azura would sacrifice her life to fulfill her ancestors’ sacred mission. For thousands of years, the Sentinels have safeguarded Eden and the Tree of Immortality. But one fateful night she awakens to find a man with a bullet wound in his head and an empty branch where the apple once hung. He has no memories, not even his name. Nursed back to health by stern islanders who demand answers, he worries his nightmares of secret gates and a monstrous seven-headed serpent may be real. And if he doesn’t piece together the visions soon, his caretakers could become his executioners.

As the strange man struggles to recall how he came to the island, Azura fears someone has the means to defeat all their safeguards. And with the temptation of life everlasting, it’s only a matter of time before the would-be-killer strikes again. Can Azura and the outsider solve the riddle before Eden’s final secret is exploited for evil?

My Review

Mythology is the latest fad in the books or so I assume. There are several books considering some or the other subject of mythology in the market and reading them, to be honest, is a tad bit difficult. And this is the prime reason why I took longer than usual to finish this already popular book The Apple.

The Apple by Devashish Sardana is the story of Queen Azura guarding the secret garden of Eden that houses the apple of immortality. Sounds like an already know thing, right? Well not exactly. Though the cover of the gives out the information that the story would be resembling that of the conventional folktale of Adam and Eve, it sure stands different in its plot development.

The book takes into account the greed of mankind – to become immortal, to break the natural cycle of birth and death. It is this greed that brings two humans to the deadly Sentinel island and what follows takes us by surprise. The story is woven with the themes of nascent love, betrayal, greed, courage, joy, and pain. All the themes slip into the pages of the book effortlessly and create a mesmerizing impact. Yes, the narration is definitely on point as you’d not face a dull moment. There’s a lot of action that gets into your veins as you flip the pages and get transported to the other world. This is the power of powerful imagery drawn out by the author.

The book is intriguing as it involves its reader in the story through a vivid narration and lucid language. The crispness of the narrative makes it an enjoyable read as you hop from one chapter to the other. The story highlights how the progress of civilization could not be always measured by material riches. Rather it must be gauged through one’s mental preparedness. I loved the thrill, the portrayal of emotions, the discussion of important human values. Though there were points when I felt the story getting dull or dragged, as one would hold on to one’s patience, the story would still entertain you.

As the book ends with a cliffhanger, I am excited to read its sequel. If you are hunting for a fantasy/ mythology book that has excellent writing, this one would be a good pick.


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