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Thoughts Alight by Kawtar Elmrabti – Book Review

  • Author: Kawtar Elmrabti
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Paperback: 114 pages
  • Publisher: EC Publishing LLC (3 February 2020)
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

A doorway to a secret garden is an inspirational and beaming dive to the thoughts of a passionate writer. Each chapter holds the symbol of a petal containing a multitude of thoughts crowned with passion, love, light, hope, and kindness.


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#NaPoWrimo has started already and I am thrilled to participate in it – both by reading and writing poetry. So, this one’s my first poetry book of April that’s filled with oh-so-good poems coming from a debut author.

Thoughts Alight by Kawtar Elmrabti is a collection of poems divided into four sections – love, hope, self, and meditation. Through each poem, the author weaves a magical scene and meditates upon it to create a surreal impact on its reader. The first section – love – is about the ecstasy and passion of this beautiful emotion. The author makes use of metaphors and imagery to create a solid atmosphere that involves its reader and takes them on a tour. A few lines were truly amazing – You tempted me like an empty page, For I knew you and I, were destined to write a tale.

Then we move on to hope, self, and meditation that talks about finding light and inspiration. It’s about loving what’s within. It’s about finding yourself in harmony with your surroundings. The beautiful strings of words manage to strike a chord here of there with the reader’s heart. The writing is smooth and lyrical and the choice of words quite nice. Just a suggestion, I would have admired the book more only if a little bit more content could be found in the hope, self, and meditation category. Too much love overwhelms me. Also, I wouldn’t fail to mention that the words in epilogue were spellbinding. Kudos to the author for writing them 🙂

Somebody who is just starting out at reading poetry books might give this book a fair chance.


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