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Stories Of Us by Bobby Sachdeva – Book Review

  • Author: Bobby Sachdeva
  • Genre: Short Stories
  • Paperback: 254 pages
  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan India (6 December 2019)
  • Language: English

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Does saving your family’s honour trump personal happiness? Will the god be appeased if you overfeed him and not help the needy? Will the law protect the stray dog that tears an eight-year-old into shreds? Is a deceased manual scavenger just another statistic who risks his life for a cleaner future?

In the voice of the common man, Bobby Sachdeva questions our everyday practices in an unorthodox manner in Stories of Us. From Rishi to Parth or Lata to Rajnath, the hard-hitting and honest narratives are sure to inspire the common person to rethink the values long etched in our belief system.

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I have been fond of short stories for a long time now. They are literally one of the best options for me when I am in a reading slump or irritated with heavy reads. With the similar notion of getting some fresh air, I ventured into reading this book and I wouldn’t mind saying that it was a good experience.

Stories Of Us by Bobby Sachdeva is a collection of 41 short stories dwelling upon different topics such as casteism, gender, religion, blind faith in godmen, body shaming, class differences, etc. Each story revolved around a subject, a problem, that concerns our daily lives. These are the issues we face in our routine and overlook in the flurry of mundane activities. The book refreshes our memory with all the experiences we might have had at some point in our lives. No wonder why the title is Stories Of Us because it is ‘US’ who are the characters of these stories.

With a simple writing and fairly decent narration, the book turned out to be a good read for me. The short stories don’t really give you a vivid picture and lack in providing the immersive reading experience and this is proven true in the context of this book. A few stories were really powerful while others were okay. Some were entertaining while others unrealistic or cliche. In addition to this, the writing was something that would be appropriate for a beginner level reader. It does deliver some important messages but not effectively. I wish that due attention was paid to the presentation of this book. This could have rendered it better.

The questions posed by the author at the end of each story coax a reader to think, to ponder over what he read and how it could be related to real life. I truly appreciate this approach of the author towards this book. Although I was expecting a lot from the book due to the hype and was disappointed, I would still recommend it to the people who desire to kickstart with reading. This might just be a quick and entertaining read for you.


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