Plum Under Wraps by Akanksha Shrivastava – Blog Tour

  • Author: Akanksha Shrivastava
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Paperback: 59 pages
  • Publisher: Writersgram Publications (14 February 2020)
  • Language: English

About the book

This book is a collection of poems written by Akanksha Shrivastava. These poems are inspired by our day to day experiences so everyone can relate to them.


An Excerpt from the book:

It’s not okay to judge someone

To judge them by their looks.

But what if it’s you only

Judging yourself every second.

About the Author:

Akanksha Shrivastava is a 23-year-old girl, working currently for an MNC in Mumbai. As filmy as you can say this, but she came from a city in Madhya Pradesh to Mumbai to discover who she is, while getting salaried by the company she works in. She is writing from a young age but in a disclosed way. Growing up she had a smaller friend circle. Slowly she started penning down whatever she wants to say or want to scream out loud. This is her first attempt at writing a book.

Poems written in this book are transparently a reflection of her soul. Many of you may relate to the lines written within as we all have been there but never expressed it.

Stay tuned for my review of this book. Till then let me know your thoughts on its cover.

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Plum Under Wraps

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