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Work Hard-ly by Monica Iyengar | Book Review

  • Paperback: 120 pages
  • Publisher: Rupa Publications India (5 December 2019)
  • Language: English

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Do you dread Mondays? Are you tense about your career? Are you fed up with your boss and colleagues? Is your company squeezing out every drop of your blood? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then this is the one-stop book that will help you not just see light at the end of the tunnel, but light up the entire tunnel! Most new employees join the workforce with misguided enthusiasm, putting in hard labour and spirited efficiency only to get disenchanted when their lazy, smooth-talking colleague gets the big promotion or raise. The reason this ‘smooth operator’ does well is that he knows what tilts the system in his favour. For those who often wonder why the incompetent ones are doing better, this book will reveal that success will be at your doorstep if only you are ready to ‘work hard-ly’.

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Around the onset of 2020, I remember reading Naomi Datta’s book ‘How to be a likeable bigot‘ which dripped of wit and sarcasm. It covered the different aspects of life where we could work upon to be that likeable human. I got similar vibes while was reading Work Hard-ly which has the characteristic tongue in cheek title hinting at the caustic sarcasm you’d be finding inside.

Work Hard-ly, as the name suggests, is a book that trains you to earn adulation despite working for a bare minimum. It contains 13 chapters each guiding you to balance the workplace culture with your smart work. I absolutely loved the author’s candour in describing the different facets of life at corporate houses. I found myself chuckling and then laughing my heart out at reading this one. Such a breather in these testing times.

The simple writing was intertwined with a sharp narrative to discuss office politics, time management, women at workplaces, etc. The author draws inspiration from reality and gives it an ample touch of humour to engage the readers. Thus, by the end of the book, we do get a fair idea of how to survive in our respective workplaces.

The book is a short, pleasant read that also communicates the loopholes in any organization. The strategies presented by the author reflect on the flaws in the corporate culture. This was truly enlightening as well as entertaining. I would appreciate the incorporation of anecdotes shared by the author from her personal life to emphasize the truth. They communicate to us the shady office environment and thus, you’d need to take in the contents of this book with a pinch of salt.

In all, the book is a definitive guide, or say a cheat guide, to achieve corporate success. I hope you have fun reading this one.


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