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BlindSided by Narc Narcisse – Book Review

  • Author: Narc Narcisse
  • Paperback: 362 pages
  • Publisher: Independently Published (26 May 2019)
  • Language: English

Blurb as on Goodreads

BlindSided Date (BSD) is a matchmaking company that covertly pairs couples not based on their similarities but based on their differences. Emma and Mark’s shock at the unforeseen setup is just the first of many surprising elements in this plot-twisting, thought-provoking, suspense-filled tale.

LGBTQ+ characters & themes, criminal investigations, and much more…

Book Review

BlindSided by Narc Narcisse is a contemporary fiction novel that revolves around sex, rape, betrayal with vestiges of mystery. The story follows the death of a middle-aged woman under suspicious circumstances and what follows after is definitely a story of guilt and shame.

The book categorically deals with the case of rape, specifically woman-to-woman rape. We would agree that this kinda crime doesn’t even register on our radars. We’d rather laugh it off and move on. We wouldn’t treat as a serious offence and thus, the ones who suffer have to live with shame. The protagonist Emily, the bi-sexual woman, was once a victim of rape by a man which turns her so aggressive that she turns around and goes on raping the straight women. This might sound interesting to so many ears, but as you read more, the gravity of the #metoo movement dawns upon you. There were cases of rape by men but did we consider that things could go another way too. Well, the book brings out a pertinent issue and that’s praiseworthy.

You might wonder what the heck is all about that title ‘BlindSided?’ I wouldn’t give you a spoiler, but yes, it has an important role in the plotline of this book. I wish it was good because honestly, I did find the concept of it weird (read stupid). The book had a lot of potential to come out well, but the weak development of characters and the constant vacillation between past and present annoyed me. What vexed me, even more, was how predictable things went. The plot treatment was loose and bland.

The story was thought-provoking but I didn’t find satisfactory suspense nor do I found impressive twists. The writing is simple and smooth but it could actually have been better in terms of expressing the situations. The story was fast-paced but that immersive feel was missing.

Nevertheless, it talks about an important issue and for a start, the book could be read.


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