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Everyone Needs a Hero: Why Can’t it Be You? | Book Review

  • Author: Aimé Mukendi Jr.
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 134 pages
  • Language: English

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Everyone Needs A Hero: Why can’t it be you? is a must-read book to help you find the greatness within you. Whether it stems from battling depression, your journey on personal discovery or any adversity. Life is filled with obstacles. But with motivation, inspiration and dedication we can overcome adversity, change our lives, and become a force for change for those around us.
Aimé Mukendi, Jr. aka Sir Aimézing is a motivational speaker, life coach and entrepreneur. He is an in-demand speaker for executives, salespeople, educators, community leaders, and other professionals. He advises clients in New York and nationally.

Book Review

Failures, setback, challenges, are all an inevitable part of our lives. However hard we may try, the problems come hunting us deep down to an extent that it gets difficult to break free from them. In such a scenario, we always tend to seek a hero figure, that someone, who could help us in winning over our depression. But have you ever wondered that that hero could be you too?

Everyone Needs A Hero by Aimé Mukendi, Jr. is a self-help book that teaches us to count on ourselves and gives us tips to become a better version of ourselves. In the first half of the book, the author has talked about his grim past. He candidly talked about his ugly past and the events which led him to despair. He opened up about how he fell into an abyss to be reborn as a better version of himself.

In the latter half, the author emphasises on how we must be relying on our own selves. The book tells us how we should tame our demons and write down our goals to achieve them. In this section, he gives us the key pointers or I should say a blueprint to consider and apply to our lives to achieve success.

The writing is fairly decent and comprehensible. In fact, the latter half turned out to be unexpectedly good for me after a vague first half. To be honest, I was clueless about what was happening as the author went on to talk about his personal life, its challenges, etc. It seemed he was too full of himself in that part that I waded my way through it. But as you do move ahead in the book, there is information you need and would be helpful to you. Again, that’s not something exceptional. Only if the entire book was structured properly with putting a focus on the content the title deserved, the book might have turned out to be a good read.


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