How to read more books in 2020?

How to read more books?

Reading is, hands down, one of the best activities to indulge yourself. In fact, just today, I came across a study report that states that people who read more physical books than ebooks tend to perform better. And this might actually be true for physical books keep you undistracted and glued to the narrative. They help in forming links in your brain which might not be as proper and clear as with an ebook.

Some people ask me how to read more books. Honestly, reading is not a race and you don’t have to work yourself up for a pleasurable activity such as reading. Let it naturally find you, let it seep in as you soak in the stories.

But even then, if you do want to devour as many books as possible, follow a few tips given below to read more books in 2020:

  1. Know your purpose behind reading – pleasure or knowledge?
  2. Do not read for the sake of reading. Read books that spark your interest and curiosity.
  3. DNF books that you don’t enjoy. There are tons of books out there and if the one you’re reading now isn’t taking you anywhere, give up. Patience doesn’t pay good dividends all the time.
  4. Set a reading goal maybe for a year. Goodreads is best for the same as it makes it easier to track your progress.
  5. Set a deadline for finishing each book. People like me definitely perform better when they set deadlines for themselves :p
  6. Read every day. Make it an integral part of your routine. You might actually pick an hour in the morning for reading as it works wonders for your entire day.
  7. Well, well, who haven’t heard of a TBR. It’s the fancy word out there I keep listening to every now and then. Go ahead and set a weekly or monthly TBR. Yearly would be too far-fetched.
  8. Find free time for yourself and always, read at quiet places.
  9. Read for meaning rather than words. If you keep looking up in the dictionary, you wouldn’t be focused on reading.
  10. Read multiple books simultaneously. Now, this can be taxing but trust me, it works. You can switch amongst your physical copy, ebook, and an audiobook. Different formats with different titles at different times. Sounds cool?

That’s all from my side. I hope this list helps you. Happy reading 🙂

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