How to be seen as an Expert in your Niche?

Want to be seen as an expert in your Niche?

At a time when social media is flooded with bloggers, influencers, content creators, it is so very much important to showcase who you are, with an air of authority. Yes, if you desire to stand out of the crowd, if you want to be seen as an expert in your niche, there’s a certain set of things you must do. No, you cannot ignore them. I repeat, do not take things for granted here.

So, let’s see what all things you need to do to be an Expert:

  • Speak to your tribe – You’re not here to address everyone’s query. You have carved a niche for yourself for a reason. You’ve built a tribe, a community, for a reason. Serve them. Talk to them.
  • Solve problems – I’ve already spoken a bit on this in my previous posts. I would reiterate it that you’re here to solve the problems of your readers. If they seek a recommendation, give it. If they want a solution, share your ideas. That’s how you help others and build your brand.
  • Have an opinion – Enough of talking about your niche-specific topics. You can take a break from recommendation, reviews, etc. Put a word out on the topics that affect you and you think, would impact others too. Speak with the authority, be vocal, be on point. Take a stand.
  • Show up – This needs no introduction or an explanation. You essentially have to be consistent to be visible in the space. Through posts, through stories, through engaging on others’ posts – in any way – you need to show yourselves up here.
  • Be confident – Talent might take time to sell itself but confidence, confidence always sells. Believe in who you are, create your identity, and stick with it. People should identify with you and before that, you must connect with yourself.

I sincerely hope that this post adds some value to you.

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Until next time. Happy creating 🙂

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14 thoughts on “How to be seen as an Expert in your Niche?

  1. Great list. Consistency is so important. Many people have said that it’s a long slog at the beginning, but all of a sudden, if you’re consistent, things start to happen! I also like carving out a little niche. Have you ever heard of the 1000 true fans theory? You only need 1000 people to really believe in you and love your content to be really successful. Seems achievable.

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  2. I’m only starting to blog under a niche and I’m learning how challenging it can get. Thank you for all these tips and suggestions!

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