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Life of A Young Girl: Essays of Life | Anushka Mehta | Book Review

  • Author: Anushka Mehta
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 20 pages
  • Publisher: Tiwa Publications (19 April 2020)
  • Language: English

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Life of a young girl is not easy. She has to go through a topsy turvy ride while she is growing up. Anushka Mehta explores her journey while living in a small town and then her college life in a metropolitan. She writes seven essays depicting her struggle with her life, boyfriends, and sex.

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Do you think that the life of a woman is difficult? Has the picture changed in recent years?

The life of a woman has never been easy. It is fraught with setbacks, biases, and unimaginable atrocities. They are always held back, put in a cage of preconceived notions, and thought of someone who could be easily toyed with. A woman has to be the endurer, the one who takes everything upon her with a pinch of salt. This book aptly contains the different phases of a young woman’s life.

Life of a Young Girl by Anushka Mehta is a collection of seven essays depicting her life story. In this book, the author opens about her early life in a small town. She goes on to talk about her struggles in a metropolitan city. She expresses the anecdotes from her life in an amusing way. She complements the story with her opinions and bluntly puts forth what a woman has to go through in her life. The author is not apologetic about anything and this shows up in her sharp writing. The sass and wit in the narrative were wonderful. 

The essays are true to reality and hard-hitting. I could totally relate to a few of them. The essays were effortless in portraying the raw nerves of a woman – her anxiety, her struggle, her emotions, her love. What I missed in the book was a structure. The content could have been structured and presented in a better way. Moreover, a lot of things could have been discussed. Maybe it is wrong to expect a bit too much but I definitely wanted more from the book.

It is an extremely short read and one could easily get through it in a single sitting. Read it to get a clear idea about a gender that is stereotyped, put down, and perceived.


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