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The Corridor Whispers | Dr. Sonal Chaturvedi | Book Review

  • Author: Dr. Sonal Chaturvedi
  • Paperback: 169 pages
  • Publisher: The Write Place (2019)
  • Language: English

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The narrative of history is full of powerful men. It lauds those who fought battles and proved their mettle. However, there is not much spoken about women. And that, indeed, is a sad scenario.

The Corridor Whispers by Dr. Sonal Chaturvedi comprises stories of 4 different women from the pages of history. There are women who were never discussed, who remained behind the veils, who died before making a name for themselves. These women lived life to command power and authority, and yet, we hardly ever heard of them.

Although I am not a fan of history, I ended up liking this book. Why? The writing engaged me thoroughly. It was a delight to read facts interspersed with lyrical prose that more or less amused me. There are emotions which appear vivid; there were conspiracies of the royal kingdom, there were love and the longing for it. It was a nice ride through the corridors of history.

The writing is lucid but fine-tuned. It would make up for a good read for the beginners. And if you are keen to know about the women from the past, the book would not disappoint you. You might give it a shot.


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