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Am I On The Spectrum? An Aspies Guide To The Autistic Spectrum | Book Review

  • Author: Danielle Hampson
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 216 pages
  • Publisher: Liverbird Publishing; 1 edition (13 January 2020)

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What is your mantra to deal with all the negativity surrounding you?

Autism is referred to as a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. There are numerous theories and a lot of stigma attached to it. This book succeeds in dispelling our notions.

Am I On The Spectrum? by Danielle Hampson is a wonderful account of autism and Asperger syndrome. In this book, the author attempts to investigate what are the different personality types of autism and how do they respond to this medical condition.

We constrict autism to a handful of people but the reality says otherwise. The spectrum of autism spreads far and wide and there could be so many of us lying on one end or the other. In addition to this, the autistic people can generally not figure out what is wrong with them and why is it so. Yes, we don’t know what contributes to us becoming autistic. What are the factors responsible for this? And we do get all the answers in this well-researched book.

The book outlines autism and Aspergers Syndrome meticulously and goes on to discuss the aspects involved in them. Reading it might be a little difficult because there’s a lot of information to absorb and digest. The author has made efforts to establish a relationship between history and the present scenario of autism. It is backed by research findings including facts and figures. That does make this book informational.

I liked the subject and writing. As I was provided an ebook, I could find a few typographical and grammatical errors which should be checked. Otherwise, the book is indeed a valuable read and would help those who do want to know more about Autism.


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4 thoughts on “Am I On The Spectrum? An Aspies Guide To The Autistic Spectrum | Book Review

  1. This is definitely something I SHOULD have read for April, National Autism Awareness Month. However, what I did read (and watch) just whetted my appetite. I will definitely look into this one. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Hon.

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