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Self-Knowledge: A Critical Factor for Self-Transformation | Abhayanath Tiwari | Book Review


  • Author: Abhayanath Tiwari
  • Paperback: 212 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (14 November 2019)
  • Language: English

Book Review

Are you aware of your self? Answer honestly 🙂

We often talk about self-transformation. We seek means to change our being to benefit ourselves. We intend to transform our lives for good. In our quest for self-transformation, we don’t realize that it is important to know our self. Only when we know our purpose, do we take actions in the right direction.

Self-Knowledge: A Critical Factor for Self-Transformation by Abhayanath Tiwari essentially addresses this key point. In this, the author emphasizes the understanding of self to self-transformation. This knowledge of ourselves provides us with the capacity to manage our mental domains – cognition, emotions, interpersonal behavior, and actions.

The book addresses the critical factors for self-transformation – awareness, experience, mindset, and approach. It takes into account neural connections, senses, the science involved in cognition, so on and so forth. It further explains that self-knowledge and its regulation harmonize end with the beginning by defining and directing action for exponential growth in life. And thus, it has a key role in self-transformation.

What does it entail to be yourself? The process of becoming yourself starts with unbecoming of yourself. When we identify the focus of our lives, when we get clarity of thought, we become capable to conquer different challenges presented by the world. Thus, self-awareness and control of our emotions lead us to make better decisions in life.

We are riding on digital transformation today. We must focus on the beneficial aspects of the business world. At the same time, we need not let it overwhelm us. In the end, we must stay true to our purpose in life.

I absolutely loved the subject dealt with in the book. The writing is lucid and explains the different intricate topics well. In fact, summary points at the end of each chapter were amazing to recapitulate the key learnings. Although the points discussed were good, I would have liked reading them more if the text was structured properly. Non-fiction, if put in points, is easier to grasp. Also, if the text was complemented with some personal experiences, the overall effect would have been great.

Rest, the book is great and I will definitely reread it in the future.


Buy your copy: Self-Knowledge: A Critical Factor for Self-Transformation

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