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Why One Should Buy Used Books | Guest Post by Ayush Gangrade

Well … Buying used books is a compelling idea. Used books are more useful for students, competitive exam aspirants and novel readers. Before we jump into the details of why should you buy used books, let’s be clear what used books mean.

Here is what wikipedia defines USED BOOK as.

A used book or secondhand book is a book which has been owned before by an owner other than the publisher or retailer, usually by an individual or library

Why should I buy old books?

  • Cheaper than new books

If the edition of the book is not modified much then you can buy used books at approx. 60% of MRP.

  • Pre marked important questions and notes

You may get important marked questions from previous notes. Used books offer great value when your time is crucial and the exams are near.

  • “What’s better than saving the Earth while learning through books?” 

You are becoming a part of protecting the mother nature by reusing an item for a bigger cause with a better vision.

  • Donation of Used books 

The used books that you purchased and now are of no use then you can donate them to the needy ones. Donating these books will allow you to make space for new books to come in and motivates you to keep learning.

  • Become a book reseller

You can also sell used books to make some money from it. So that you don’t put much stress on your pocket when you are buying books for the new semester or year/

Things to keep in mind while buying second-hand books.

  1. Ensure the book version is not too old and the content is not changed much. Do your research first.
  2. The condition & quality of the book whether you can use it for a longer time or not.

How to get used books?

You can find bookstores in your city who deals in second-hand books. If the book is not available at smaller used book shops you can always check websites which sell used books having a large collection of used books.

You can check out by trying some websites on Google which sells used books. Some of the trustable ones are Khajuribazar, Bookchor, and usedbooksfactory.

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