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Madhusudhanan Nair Inde Mol | Veekshith KH | Book Review

  • Author: Veekshith KH
  • Paperback: 197 pages
  • Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd (2017)
  • Language: English

Book Review (2)

“Madhusudhanan Nair Inde Mol takes you through a journey of a young girl lost in a sea of questions about life, love, and career, in search of answers. As she travels to her roots, to her grandmother- out of college, confused and lost- Will she find the answers she has been looking for?”

My Review

What is the importance of stories in your life?

I was in a bad reading slump from the past few days. I simply couldn’t focus on reading. I wanted a story that could put me into my fast and furious mode of reading. Well, well, I found solace in this simple sweet novel that comforted me.

Madhusudhanan Nair Inde Mol by Veekshith KH is a beautiful book of a girl who finds her answers as she reconnects with her roots. A young girl who comes to Kerala to spend time with her grandmother. She is done with her graduation and has two lucrative options – to go abroad for higher studies or join the job. She is confused between the two, she is lacking clarity inside of her mind as to what she really wants. Surprisingly, she finds all her answers in God’s own country.

The cover of the book was the first thing that caught my attention. It subtly describes all the chaos running in the protagonist’s mind. As I began reading it, I did feel a little lost but gradually, the story sunk inside me. I absorbed the girl’s experiences. I connected with her as she wanders in the wilderness to find answers. All the characters in the book felt seemingly real as they spoke, as they shared their thoughts. The way the author touched upon the countryside beauty of Kerala is a delight to read. The Nair family intrigued me. The girl is a bookworm and she talked about Arundhati Roy and Kerouac. I was drawn closer to her personality as she described her relationship with books and these authors. The entire narrative left me with that warm fuzzy feeling.

I was in awe of the simplicity of the story. There was no grand verbose narration but a story that one could relate with easily. Sometimes, when the protagonist reflected upon her life, I found a little bit of me in her. She meets so many people in Pandalam (her hometown in Kerala) who inspired her and shaped her thoughts. Her meetings with each of them taught me something as simple as navigating the course of life. I just had one issue with the book that Malayalam words were used at some places and I, being a north Indian, couldn’t understand them. So, just be prepared for this if you embark upon reading this book.

I would definitely recommend it to everyone out there.


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