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Rhythm of Remembrance | Samir Satam | Book Review

  • Author: Samir Satam
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 139 pages

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Poetry has a way of connecting my loose strings. At the same time, it lets me be free and wander. Paradoxical, right? That’s how magical a poem is 🙂

Rhythm of Remembrance by Samir Satam is an elegant collection of poems strung together within the pages bound by a vintage cover. One look at the book and you know that there would be something old-school, a memory maybe. This is my second book by the author and I cannot emphasize enough that he has a way with words. He definitely has a knack for creating visuals through his words, words which might come easy to him but they reach us slowly, taking their own time to soak us in.

Throughout the book, you’ll inhale the art of forgetting, the barbaric art of forgetting. There would be love, love that is gentle and washes over us, love that remains in our musings, in our soliloquies, in our remembrance. Some poems defined love, some highlighted pain, some just drew a line under hope. Some simply made room for us to be free to receive love while others brought to us a quintessential sense of belonging.

Toward the end, the author says that he is tired of soliloquies and I felt him. Aren’t we all tired of being with us all the time especially now? Now, we crave human touch but we cannot have it at all. We live with the memory of touch when we just cannot feel it. That is making us miserable. We are worn out succumbing slowly to our loneliness, our monologues, our own company. You know, that’s sad.

There’s a poem on how a poet is born which more or less attracted me not fully though. And then, there was one that spoke an important thing – why blame the mountains, for the void that lives within you? I took my time savoring this book. The pictures accompanying the poems are stunning and that made my whole experience more amazing. However, there were a few poems I didn’t find enjoyable because they certainly reminded me of modern poetry, something I am not able to accept yet. But otherwise, I really liked the book and would recommend it to poetry buffs.


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