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Where is your Strength | Lawunmi A Nwaiwu | Book Review

  • Author: Lawunmi A Nwaiwu
  • Genre: Self-Help
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 107 pages

Book Review

What is your biggest strength?

We often come across setbacks in life. Those odds stacked against us dampen our spirits and end us discouraging us from doing anything in life. We wander in the maze of life to get that ‘one’ source of strength, of motivation. And we do crib about how hard, almost impossible, it is to find the strength. We cry over meaninglessness of life as we could not realize our exclusive purpose. Well, here is a book to change your perceptions.

Where is your Strength? by Lawunmi A Nwaiwu is a self-help book that reads more like an inspirational tale than a preachy guide. In this book, you would find how to find your strength in times of need. Through the incorporation of anecdotes and experiences from her personal life, the author attempts to provide a clear picture for us as to how can we develop our strength.

The book has been divided into several chapters for easy absorption of important lessons. It tuned out to be a product of the author’s private moments of self-reflection. As she adds, “It was an emotional journey of self-exploration writing some chapters, most especially fighting temptations, losing it all, gaining much more and the superwoman in you – career, marriage, and motherhood, because these were testing times in her life that she began to discover her inner strength.” 

The book starts with 20 years ago and ends on a positive note for the hope of a better future. The journey between the chapters unravels the path to find our strengths. The author looks back fondly over her birth and early childhood, the atmosphere of strict discipline she received, and further explains how it was important for molding her being. She does throw light on her early days at work after receiving the best of education, doing internships, finding her passion, working hard for it, and in the process, never failing to learn something new. She talked about her struggles and drew strength out of them. Her key learnings composed this book that would, I believe, serve you right.

Being non-fiction and a self-help book, I liked its overall composition a lot. The author maintained a conversational tone throughout the book and tried best to give you doses of lessons in the right amounts. In the book, you will also find excerpts of her interview wherein she talks about why she wrote what she wrote. Isn’t that simply amazing?

If you are looking for an easy and impactful self-help book, pick this one. And I would strongly suggest my fellow ladies give it a read. I will definitely come back to the book rereading it and taking my share of motivation whenever I will need it.


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