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Reflections of a Mind | Gurmeet Singh | Book Review

  • Author: Gurmeet Singh
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Print Length: 69 pages
  • Language: English

BLURB as on Goodreads

Reflections of a mind is an observation of the mind and heart.

An idea that plays around our pre-beliefs of society and our mind-made systems. It’s a concoction of poetry and perspective thinking. You’ll experience a modest journey of my thoughts like a ship or a barge, as you may feel. It’s about roughness and the beauty of life.

A large part of this attempt is mere to show you the power of the mind and its thought. This is for everyone who believes in mind matters and its command on the wellness of our existence. It’s about seeing powers and the misbehaviors of our thoughts. Pain, Pleasure, Conflict, and Love.

Book Review

Reflections of a Mind by Gurmeet Singh is a lovely collection of some profound poems. Set in the 69 pages, this poetry book talks poetry in a beautiful way. The essence of this book is – human perspective. And it does succeed in lending us the right perception of life and living. Right from the prologue to the end, the author lets us know what we really ought to know.

‘This is my bohemian house, There are art and culture, Coupled with duties and upright posture.’ Lines like these make you stop in your tracks and just, for once, wonder at their meaning.  The rhythmic narration takes you through a journey to your inner self. It imparts a lesson of believing in oneself and never ever dream small. It further makes you celebrate your struggles and inspires you to move ahead, in the right direction. The book also renders you a holistic reading experience as it lets you be aware of the fluid inside of you – a thought that should be allowed to stir your soul. The words make you appreciate the present as ‘future is only a slave, by order of today.’ Ahh! I don’t think I can effectively put how nice it was to read this one.

The poems in this book cover unique themes. Unlike the usual romance, longing, and heartbreak, I got to see some words of motivation beaming at me. The book doesn’t preach; rather, it lets you learn things, freely. The fairly easy language coupled with the right dose of poetic wisdom made it an enriching read for me. If you are seeking a poetry book to make you feel good, to make you see that you usually ignore; you might go for this. Beginners should definitely try their hands on this one.

Sharing my favorite lines from the book:

Freedom is to see refinements,

To destroy internal paradoxes.

It’s to be aware

Freedom is to live clear and

Close to all you cannot see.


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