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Home Quarantined | Shraddha Rane | Book Review

  • Author: Shraddha Rane
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 55 pages
  • Language: English

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The global pandemic had hit us with full force in March. Its fight against our survival has only increased since then. The world came to a standstill as all were shut at their homes. The human being is used to hustle. But now, he had to make a sincere effort to just breathe and appreciate his life, every day. How does life look like, confined to the four walls of your house, amidst anxiety gnawing at you? And what if negativity comes creeping into your life, sliding down the lives of your loved ones, intimidating you and them? How we deal through this mess?

Home Quarantined by Shraddha Rane is a personal account of the author’s experiences during the dreaded quarantine. It also outlines her adjusting with the ‘new normal’ and explaining the difficulty faced by others in doing so. This short petite read more or less brings the raw experiences of the author in quarantine. She elaborates upon her daily routine including her ME time and ‘work from home.’ I loved the bit where the author talked about reading books and writing. Personally, I find writing things down liberating and here, I could totally relate to the author. She subtly puts her observations in the lines as she talks about how people around her grappling with the lockdown.

The author has narrated some tough moments of her life with honesty and simplicity. Through this book, she aspires to deliver an important message of holding on to hope and prayers. Her experiences advocate the vitality of love, care, strength, and positivity. Only we keep the flame of hope within alive, we can survive and naturally, thrive. Her experiences also echo the importance of kindness in a time when all of us are merely trying to live and live longer.

The writing is pretty good with apt choice of words and expressions. And above everything, the candid narrative will surely strike a chord with so many of us. Especially recommended to beginners. And for others, the book is really short so giving it a shot wouldn’t cause any harm 🙂


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