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Rescue | Shreejit Nair | Book Review

  • Author: Shreejit Nair
  • Paperback: 254 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (6 April 2020)
  • Language: English

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Rescue by Shreejit Nair delves into how innocent children are taken advantage of and pushed in the downward spiral of crime. It has teenage children as its protagonists who happen to fall in a trap. A trap that changes their lives forever.

The story kickstarts with the introduction of two sisters. They have lost their parents while they were in college. Later, the two start an orphanage to take care of children bearing the same fate as theirs. Soon, the children become their family but the sisters split to go in their respective directions. In due course of time, the children fall in love with each other and their budding romance takes some space in the plotline. However, one day, the boys come across a mysterious man who asks them to hide some weapons. Because the man claims to belong to the Army and our young boys believe him. What follows thereafter captures why the book is titled – Rescue.

The book intends to draw our attention to the fact of young children targeted by anti-social elements. The variety of themes including friendship, love, humanity as well as terrorism are discussed in the book. The writing was appreciably good for a debut work. The characters were fine. I especially liked the bit where sisters adopt the orphans and have one big family. That imparts a lesson of kindness and humanity. Furthermore, the character of boys’ friend Prithvi stands out for his true friendship and courage.

Although the central idea of the book was important, the overall plot treatment failed to deliver what it promises. While we assume that Rescue will delve upon a key idea of helping someone, it digresses more towards teenage romance. I have had major discontent with how easily our boys believe the mystery man and partake in his evil deeds though passively. In that sense, I felt that the entire presentation fell inadequate in terms of putting forth what it should have. I went into the book for some action but I didn’t find any. Barring the climax that contained some cliche course of action, ‘Rescue’ itself didn’t get enough attention and importance.

In a nutshell, the intended focus of the story was undoubtedly important. However, the treatment of the plot could have been a lot better to create a fulfilling read.


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