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The Final Weekend: A Stoned Tale | Neal Cassidy | Book Review

  • Author: Neal Cassidy
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 294 pages
  • Publisher: M & S Publishing (25 July 2019)

Book Review

The Final Weekend: A Stoned Tale by Neal Cassidy is a coming-of-age story centered around six youngsters who prepare to graduate. Their lives intersect with that of their favorite professors, Goodkat, and what follows thereafter forms the plot of the story.

The book chronicles the contemporary lifestyle and thoughts of the younger generation. It takes into account the final days of the youth before they step into the real world. The conflicting thoughts, the emotional moments, the discontent, and everything representative of growing up is portrayed very well in the book. The book subtly throws sarcasm at the young generation and deals with racism and LGBTQ themes. I believe the diversity of the plot made it both interesting as well as engaging.

With that said, the characters were developed well. However, I didn’t end up liking a few of them for their sheer insensitivity. Most of the male characters were sexist and gave away terrible vibes rendering them unlikeable. On another note, I particularly liked the author’s writing style. It was fresh and different. The way each chapter chronicles the monologue of one character and then another chapter picks it off from where the first ended, that was really good. To top it all, the flashback scenes brought a more effective touch to the narrative.

The things I didn’t like were the crass language and too much of a raunchy narrative. It somehow made me pull myself away from the book, so many times. However, that’s the thing, if a light-hearted raunchy story fits well with you, you might give it a shot. Or else, you may give it a pass.

Thank you Neal Cassidy for providing me the review copy.

Buy your copy: The Final Weekend: A Stoned Tale

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