Jazeera | Yash Pawaskar | Book Review

  • Author: Yash Pawaskar
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 138 pages
  • Language: English


Jazeera by Yash Pawaskar is a mystery thriller that revolves around the island named Jazeera. Through a story of kings, kingdoms, and revenge, the author attempts to deliver an important message. It is this message that resounds in my mind even after finishing the book.

The protagonist of the book, Sultan Zorawar, is an ambitious man with little concern for humans and worldly relations. He is hungry for power who removes the odds of his path to success with a sip of Sin Serum. He grows up to believe that power can conquer anything and everything. And that idea becomes his nemesis. In his quest to be a powerful ruler, he kills several people and uproots the settlement of innocent people. But a few of them remain to return after 20 years for fulfilling a prophecy!

I liked the central plot of the book that teaches us to be humble despite our powers. It subtly tells us how a man is borne out of his experiences. So, Zorawar becomes a ruthless beast after his horrifying life experiences begetting negative thoughts in his mind. Along with this, the book also makes us realize how we humans are insensitive towards our mother nature. In our hunger for more, we ignore the aftermath of our mindless actions. The book reveals the truth of strength – strength lies in being kind to others and living in harmony with nature.

The characters are fleshed out well with each of them contributing significantly to the story. While I was surprised at Zorawar’s attitude, I admired the representation of women. They are bold, courageous, and confident enough to fight on the battlefield. Their character description was both realistic and inspiring. I particularly didn’t like the passive role of Queen in the story.

Moving on to the writing, the author has done a really good job. Right from conceiving the idea of Jazeera to executing it, the efforts put in research show up in the book. However, the story lacked an appropriate pace in some places. It was slow at some points while pretty flashy at others. Nevertheless, the overall presentation of the book turns out good with the lucid writing style and coherent narration. Recommended to beginners and moderate level readers.


Buy your copy: Jazeera

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