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The Purgatory of Half Forgotten Riddles | John A. Raju | Book Review

  • Author: John A. Raju
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Rumour Books India (6 January 2020)
  • Language: English

Book Review

The Purgatory of Half Forgotten Riddles is a book that stays tucked in the strings of your heart, long after you have read it. The book is primarily about a struggling author who is writing a book on his life, the one he never wants to be reading again. His story takes you down the lane from the start of his life, his journey through love, life, a penchant for writing, a few intriguing mysteries, and a baffling, truly surprising, climax.

At the onset, and for the most part of the book, you feel that it is a piece of literary fiction. And I cannot praise it enough for making me feel good about reading it. However, the climax, the end changes it. And trust me on this, one cannot see the thrilling aspect of this book coming anywhere. It just arrives. Blows your head. And you stare at it with dropped jaws. That was the beauty of a well-written narrative.

Our struggling writer, Peter, describes the loss of his mother and then losing his father. He goes on to elaborate upon his love for writing and losing his friend and love of his life thereafter. Amidst all the pain of losing and losing more, he holds on to his love for writing. With time, he moves on to introducing his wife, his kids, his job, and towards the climax, his undivided attention towards the mystery his father was. Actually, the mystery of his father’s death stays out throughout the book. As our protagonist finds himself indulging in ramblings, he finds numerous questions glaring him. And the way he maneuvers his way through those never-ending questions, through that mess, we find ourselves.

I absolutely loved reading this book. It is so beautiful, with all its complications and ruminations. I know I am a sucker for well-served words. I love it when the protagonist is a writer or a reader. I love it when a book houses many books inside of it. I like it when there is so much deep stuff spread far and wide in the book that I cannot help but fall in love with it. The writing is refined, the plot treatment is fantastic, the character sketches are on point, and oh my god! the cover is indeed so so apt. Although a few instances appeared dragged or over elaborated to me, I still liked this one for all the above-mentioned reasons.

If you love literary fiction, go for it. If you love unique thrillers, go for it. If you love sophisticated writing, go for it. Recommended to the moderate level to avid readers.


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