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Today is a Little Too Precious | Shruthi Sharma | Book Review

  • Author: Shruthi Sharma
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 55 pages
  • Publisher: Half Baked Beans (16 June 2020)

Book Review

We often curse our lives when surrounded by negativity. We often look for escapades to get away with the roadblocks and challenges. We often look for the greens and forget that nothing good comes without a bad phase. Now, that bad phase could be an experience highlighting your growing up, your metamorphosis, your struggle, or simply the incessant occurrence of dreaded ‘change.’ The point is we tend to run away. Instead, we ought to embrace everything that life throws our way and live in the moment, for Today is a Little Too Precious.

Today is a Little Too Precious by Shruthi Sharma is a poetry collection that rhythmically tells a story, a story of a girl. A very short compendium of poems draws upon the girl’s past as she goes through mundane activities of her daily life. And with each poem, the book grows on you for you feel connected to the words, for you feel closer to the inevitable and often ignored, truth.

Right from seeing the sunrise to witnessing the moon peering at her, the girl recollects how her life changed over the years. And through these changes, she reflects upon the learnings that have helped her forever. The girl remembers her naive self fighting her insecurities, battling the complexes, confused to make a choice, and fidgeting with the experiences. The author puts her thoughts towards the end of each poem serving some amazing and important lessons including the necessity to hold on to hope & yourself, fearing a little, and living in the present. Believe!

Each poem is accompanied by a picture that made the book visually appealing. At the same time, a pretty novel approach to writing poems brings some fresh air. The author has narrated a tale of a girl through poetic words and didn’t miss out on awakening us to new perspectives. The language never gets heavy, the rhythm remains intact for the majority of times, and more than everything, the flow stayed in place throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed savoring this one and would definitely recommend it to all.

Sharing my favorite lines here:

  • To let loose and pray for the best, For life has its own plans to help us, Learn and unlearn to the best of the ability, Keep moving forward with grit and hope, For today is a little too precious.
  • Sometimes moments fail our perfect expectations, But try to learn and unlearn them today, For today is a little too precious!


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