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What If Rainbows Were Your Shadows? | Anusha Veluswamy | Book Review

  • Author: Anusha Veluswamy
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 82 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 164850700X
  • Publisher: Notion Press (27 May 2020)

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Every word rocked her away, To lands unknown; treasures unseen, But she returned, Always. With a heart full of hope and eyes to dream some more. Every day, with every word.

What If Rainbows Were Your Shadows? by Anusha Veluswamy is a collection of visceral poems rocking you back and forth, as you flip the pages. Of late, I have been reading quite many poetry books. All of them represent modern poetry, where mostly rhythm is compromised for a mere expression – an expression in couplets or micro tales that have a word in a line to create that alleged ‘rhythmic’ effect. However, this book didn’t disappoint me and I am glad to have been able to read it.

With a perpetual beauty that flows through each poem, the author attempts to portray her relations with words. It appears that she has had a deep connection with the art of poetry that reflects in how she weaves her words. Divided into three parts, namely Unspoken Prayers, A Tribe of Warriors, and What if your Rainbows were your Shadows?, the book directs us towards experiencing the bountiful nature, acknowledging the women, and embracing love and letting go too.

The poems gently introduce us to the prevalent kindness we often miss to see. They take us to mountains, plants, sunshine, sparking joy in our hearts. Then they proceed towards befriending us to the key elements of a woman – love, loss, motherhood. And thereafter, they take us on a ride of love, love that is most wanted, most misunderstood, most ecstatic, and yet most heartbreaking. And in between all the themes discussed, the author brings many symbols and narratives to the table. Be it personifying the objects or entwining us with nature through her words, she did a good job of conceiving and bringing out this book.

The language is lovely and I cannot emphasize enough how well it bode with the intent behind it. The poems are delightfully relatable serving you a mix of melancholy and ecstasy. I absolutely loved reading this book and if you are somebody who loves poetry, go for it. I am sure you will end up liking it.


Buy your copy here: What If Rainbows Were Your Shadows?

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