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The American Dream | Rajeshwari Nukala | Book Review

  • Author: Rajeshwari Nukala
  • Paperback: 334 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (24 June 2020)
  • Language: English

Book Review

A pair of Indian eyes always dream of settling in America. No. States actually. The pompous way of pronouncing our happiness of visiting America or just having a relative there speaks volumes about our ambition. We Indians collectively put America on a high pedestal. We adore its culture we try to imitate the accent, we try so hard to simply fit in its atmosphere, so much so, that we forget our roots, our India. True, isn’t it?

The American Dream is a hilariously poignant account of a woman who settles in America and yet finds it unsettling to embrace America. Sonam is an MBA in finance, a doting mother to 2-year-old Rahul, and a loving wife of Raj. When Raj gets an opportunity to move to the United States, Sonam is beyond ecstatic. She dreams of leading a luxurious life, with abundant freedom, and becoming a hotshot banker. However, reality usually evades fantasies. This book explores a woman trying to connect herself with the new atmosphere, balancing her life and family, and most importantly, reconnecting with her own self. After all, that’s the key to happiness.

When I went into the book, I thought it would be a breezy read. And breezy read it was but a truly engaging one. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. Right from crafting a relatable plot to developing it strategically, the author did a good job of putting up a wonderful story. From the beginning, the author held her characters and guided them through the book with ease. The story transitioned from India to Utah and then Seattle smoothly. The character development was on point, especially for Sonam. I could clearly see an ambitious and excited Indian woman in her.

The writing is undoubtedly gripping. I simply couldn’t put me away from the book. There was humor, there were too many brands, there was an elaborate description, a fine narration, and absolutely absorbing narrative. In the midst of all the drama, the author didn’t lose sight of some important messages. Be it embracing your true worth, identifying with your indigenous culture, letting go of vanity, or simply be kind to every human – the book covers it all. It subtly delivers the essence without putting too much pressure. It lets you be, just enjoying the story while it goes on. Definitely recommended for a fun and cherishable reading experience.


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