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Diondray’s Discovery (Diondray’s Chronicles Book 1) | Marion Hill | Book Review

  • Author: Marion Hill
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 146 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English

Book Review (3)

Diondray’s Discovery‘ by Marion Hill is a story of truth, the truth that fights to come out, of an unrelenting desire to stand with the truth, come what may. Our hero, Diondray, is a 23-year-old who loves to read out themily to the people. He stands in discontent with his family for he believes in treating everyone equally. He is said to fulfill a certain prophecy to unite his people. Would he be able to?

After reading the first one, I am eager to read book 2 of the trilogy to find out how will Diondray navigate his way through the traces of history and vestiges of malice. He will have to battle the odds to stand for justice, for the light of truth. The book is a quick read spanning around 120 pages giving you a peek into an altogether different world. Through his characters, the author attempts to highlight the importance of standing by the truth. Through this story, he wants to bring forth the fact that a secret does not remain in the closet forever.

The writing is simple and perfect for the beginner level readers. In addition to this, a story with some moral lessons makes it a good one for the children, in my opinion. The steady pace and smooth narration only added to its readability. However, I found the intrigue factor missing in this one. Saying that it is equipped with mysteries, I would want to read something energetic and baffling. Perhaps, book 2 might satiate my desire. Nevertheless, the book promises to sow the seeds of an interesting trilogy.


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