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The Shimmering: Dark Descent | A. k. Crook | Book Review

  • Author: A. k. Crook
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 239 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English

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Urban fantasy is something that I have probably never tried before. In fact, I seem to be less interested in the genre and never gave it an honest shot. However, it is not that bland after all. The Shimmering Descent changed my outlook towards the genre and I might actually read more of fantasy in the future.

The Shimmering Descent by A. K. Crook is an urban fantasy with elements of magic(k), psychological thrill, exploration of folklore, and slight hint to LGBTQ. It revolves around our protagonist Sinda, who belongs to the underworld, who is stuck in the civilized world of humans. Now, she would have to find her way out, but would she?

I am surprised to have liked a fantasy book. This novella was well-written with parallel plotlines coming together in the end, so well. The characters had an appeal and intrigue that kept me hooked to the book. In fact, for the first half, I was a bit confused but as the story progressed, it turned out to be really good. On top of that, the strong female voice representation was praiseworthy. I love books where females are given power. No, I ain’t a feminazi :p but still, I would prefer them over books where women get cliche treatment.

The writing was smooth and the narrative was woven well. The book delivers what it promises and isn’t that amazing? You love fantasy? Go for this short read. You will love it.


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